We plan to learn as much as possible from the community and from our various advisors, and to share this learning with all participants to maintain an ongoing exchange of information and adaptation to complex new factors effecting the Kitengela area.

     Our time frame is 2018 to 2022.  Within this period, our ultimate goal is to see the Kitengela Maasai community retain their traditions and generate enough sustainable income to make land sales redundant, thus helping to conserve the wildlife dispersal area as well as the community itself.

     We plan to develop and produce a documentary film on Acacia Moyo's process, its impact on ourselves and the community, and lessons learned.  This film would serve to promote our work and would be made available to others engaging in similar work.

     Our ultimate goal is to engage other communities within Kenya, East Africa and elsewhere in similar programs.  We hope to engage experts and innovators from all over the world who will come to see the Acacia Moyo campuses as viable models for the future of sustainable livelihoods everywhere.