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Most adult members of this community have had very little schooling. When severe drought hits and their livestock dies, they do not have other sources of income, so their only option for survival is to sell land and move to the slums or attempt to rebuild their herds.


works to develop sustainable sources of income that are not dependent on livestock.  We aim to generate enough income through our projects to prevent further land sales and allow the community to flourish.


Former Assistant Chief Nickson Parmisa explains the benefits of beekeeping to the community

There is a vast, unfulfilled market for honey in Kenya.  Many rural communities have successfully taken up beekeeping, which is not difficult to learn and is extremely profitable.  Ten hives can bring in approximately K. Shs. 70,000 per harvest (about $500). 

Girl students test honey.jpg

Josephine Ojiambo, President, Rotary Club of Nairobi, Kenny Mann and Onestar Magiri celebrate the sale of our first jar of honey.

Students participate in our first beekeeping training session.  The honey is extremely pure, derived mainly from the surrounding acacia trees.


We have 3 acres of community land for our apiary.

We have an irrigated greenhouse for the cultivation of flowering plants, such    as a hardy breed of rose, for bee forage in addition to the acacia trees.

We have a rainwater harvesting pan for 3 million litres

We have a professional Beekeepers' Committee that will oversee all operations, including accounting, tax payments and distribution of profits.

We have 32 registered participants in our training program with the Kajiado County Beekeeping Cooperative (KCBC).  Each person will own and manage 5 hives.  New members may join in the next round. Raw honey will be sold to KCBC.  Participants receive 60% of profits.  Acacia Moyo receives 40% which will support administrative costs and future community projects such as education and restorative agriculture and pastoralism.

We are registered in Kenya as the ACACIA MOYO Community Based Organization.

Where Tradition Meets Technology

19 Espira Court, Santa Fe, NM 87508

+1646 479-5884

PO Box 76,  Kitengela, Kenya, 00241


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ACACIA MOYO - WHERE TRADITION MEETS TECHNOLOGY is fiscally sponsored by Creative Visions Foundation (CVF). CVF is a publicly supported 501c3, which supports Creative Activists who use the power of media and the arts to affect positive change in the world.

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