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JULY 2018 - JULY 2019

Since our foundation in 2017 we have made great strides in our efforts in the Kitengela Maasai community.

...Our local Maasai Program Director, Chief Nickson Parmisa is a superb community leader, who has a deep understanding of the importance of his traditions while adapting to life in the 21st century. He is our advisor and an essential link between ourselves, the Kitengela community and the Kenya government. 

...We sponsored 6 girls to complete their high school education, who would otherwise have been forced to marry older men at the age of 14.  In this way, we develop supporters among the local Maasai youth and integrate them into our program at an early age.

...We gave $5000 to the local High School for science equipment and a new kitchen.  

...We will send two students from Empakasi High School in Kitengela for two weeks of training to  the Magarini Children Center and Organic Demonstration Farm near Kilifi, on Kenya’s coast, where Emmanuel Karisa Baya teaches children to grow food organically and adapt to climate change.














...We work with Santa Fe Community College’s (SFCC) Trades and Advanced Technologies Department (TATD), which boasts one of the most advanced agricultural programs in the US. We need funds to send two of their experts to Kitengela to help set up our two-acre state-of-the-art food growing site. Our partnership with SFCC is strengthened by a beading workshop given by Phoebe Lasoi for the Continuing Education Department, and by the development of freely available online curriculum that will be available to the Kitengela community at The Wildlife Foundation’s compound. 

...We are working with​ the Center for Emergent Diplomacy (CED) to develop online curriculum in our core subjects that will be available to the Kitengela community at The Wildlife Foundation's compound.

...We are shooting a documentary film about the impact of IFAM and other raised funds on the Kitengela community. SFCC’s Media Department students will assist filming at the beading workshop, at IFAM and at other events. Filming will continue throughout the year with local crew in Kenya. Once completed, the documentary film will be submitted to appropriate festivals and screened for further fundraising efforts.

...We are soliciting Kenyan individuals and corporations for support.  We are also identifying Kenyan experts for training in the building and installation of solar power for local homes and in basic construction, nutrition, technology, medicine and the arts, based on volunteer or sponsored expertise.

...We plan to develop Kitengela as a viable tourist destination which will bring steady income to the community, protect land for livestock and wildlife and fuel further community conservation efforts.


...We will have established ourselves as earnest, viable and experienced actors in our US/Kenya activities by 2022. We will be ready to solicit major grants and establish ourselves with a staffed office at The Wildlife Foundation in Kitengela. Our efforts are to ensure that Acacia Moyo is primarily an African organization that can eventually warrant steady funding from various entities, but is also capable of earning its own funds to support the community and our staff.


...We are represented by artisan Phoebe Lasoi at the prestigious International Folk Art Market (IFAM) in Santa Fe. Proceeds from  sales of Phoebe’s beaded jewelry, sandals and baskets will fund the Collective, enabling the women to feed their children and pay their school fees. Funds will be allocated for Phoebe and other women to return to the Market annually, giving them an incentive to produce work that sustains their beading tradition while broadening their market and ensuring a sustainable livelihood in keeping with Acacia Moyo's stated mission.

...We will sponsor two more girls to complete high school.  

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