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We’re very proud of the diversity of our team, and their abilities to contribute their own unique experience and skills to our success.

Find out more about some of our leaders and volunteers below.


Former Assistant Chief Nickson Parmisa was instrumental in helping us to get Acacia Moyo off the ground in the Kitengela community.  He identified those in need, advised us where to place funds received and coordinated many community activities.  Nickson has been promoted to an Assistant District Officer located outside of Kitengela, but still remains a faithful participant and consultant.  He speaks Maa, Kisuaheli and English and has visited the US a few times to help us raise funds and talk to Western ranchers about issues facing cattle breeders.

Hussein Lilah.jpg


Hussein Lilah studied Infrastructure and Communications Technology (I.C.T.). He is an entrepreneur with his own business in tourism and consultancy on government documentation and permits.  Hussein is a member of the Kitengela Maasai community.  He is  passionate about wildlife and doing everything possible to maintain his community's culture.  He is now in charge of coordinating and overseeing all our community projects, including gathering members for our beekeeping cooperative, encouraging women to participcate, communicating with our team on the ground and in the US, and forming local partnerships. 



Kenny Mann was born and raised in Kenya and spent her early years among the Maasai.  Her parents arrived in Kenya in 1942 as Jewish refugees from Poland and Romania.  Dr. Igor Mann and his wife Erica are renowned in Kenya for their work against hunger and poverty.  Dr. Mann founded the Animal Health and Industries Training Institute (AHITI) in Nairobi, and Erica Mann won awards for her work with the Council on Human Ecology.  Kenny is a journalist, author, teacher and documentary filmmaker. 


From l to r:

Consultants Felix Kariuki and The Hon. George Kimiti; Kenny Mann, Hussein Lilah

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Jonathan Tulutian Parmisa is a recent graduate of the Rift Valley Institute for Science and Technology (RVIST), located in Nakuru, 100 miles north of Nairobi. RVIST  "prepares agricultural professionals to teach, lead, and serve the citizens of Kenya and beyond." Jonathan is passionate about teaching his Maasai community how to grow vegetables for themselves so that they are not so dependent on livestock.  The long-standing drought has rendered traditional pastoralism almost impossible to maintain.  The Maasai were formerly nomadic and had no agricultural practices, so Jonathan's work brings an entirely new and extremely valuable experience to the community.  we will be using the greenhouse to cultivate a hardy species of rose for bee forage and later, for biofuel manufacture.

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Sylvia Parusan, is a skilled public speaker and coordinator for the Microfinancing Cooperative, which uses personal funds to help women with small businesses such as selling milk and beadwork, as well as for personal feminine purchases. Sylvia writes:  "This is really helping the women to tackle their daily basics in life, it has really empowered them."

Members of the Iltalala Women's Microfinancing Cooperative which includes 30  ladies ages 20 to 35.  The group meets in someone's home twice a month, learns where help is needed by the homeowner and gives her some money, which can be used to expand small businesses or finance other necessities.  The group also loans money for interest.

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Uli Koch, is an excellent photographer and videographer, and has shot all the photos and footage that we have used for PR and fundraising over the past four years.  Uli is German and now lives in Santa Fe, NM.  He loves Kenya and travels there every year to document our work.


Anthony Carlson, formerly of Santa Fe, shared the original vision of ACACIA MOYO with Kenny Mann and co-wrote our original mission statement and five-year plan.  He also designed our logo.  Anthony spent several years in Kenya.  He is a professional photographer and has found over the years that working with local people and helping to build communities brings new ways to overcome age-old challenges, increase capacities and strengthen individuals.


felix Kimani.jpg

Felix Kariuki is an engineer who is the International Service Director, Programmes Director and Director of the Programme for Capacity Development in Africa with the Lavington Eco Rotary Club in Nairobi.  He is also the Chair for  Rotary's Environmental Sustainability Action Group (ESRAG).  Felix has been invaluable in helping us form international and local partnerships.

Merle Lefkoff.jpg

Dr. Merle Lefkoff, Founder and Co-Chair of the Center for Emergent Diplomacy, is a mediator, facilitator, social change entrepreneur and leadership trainer in conflict zones around the world.

Lorna Omuodo.jpeg

Lorna Omuodo  is the founder and CEO of E-Moto Limited. She has taken the task of championing household cooking energy as an area of sustainable development for women in East Africa. She has introduced bioethanol into the market as a safe alternative to coal or kerosene. This has made daily food preparation much easier and cheaper, allowing cooks to save money on fuel. Lorna is an avid gardener and advises us on suitable bee forage.

Hon. George Rianto Kimiti is the Director of Rian&Rani Ltd., a consultanting company for all matters concerning water, such as hydrogeological surveys, Environmental Impact Assessment, borehole design and installation.  he volunteers his services to many organizations dealing with climate change and natural resources management.  George has been very supportive in helping us to form local and international partnerships.


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Los Alamos Rotary

Rotary Club of Kitengela



SNV Netherlands

Development Organisation

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Where Tradition Meets Technology

19 Espira Court, Santa Fe, NM 87508

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ACACIA MOYO - WHERE TRADITION MEETS TECHNOLOGY is fiscally sponsored by Creative Visions Foundation (CVF). CVF is a publicly supported 501c3, which supports Creative Activists who use the power of media and the arts to affect positive change in the world.

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